Hello, I'm Jason. Everyone gets fed up and lost once in a while. So this is why this page is here to tell you all about this aa service

In fact there is not just one but many route planner applications including the rac route finder and aaroutefinder classic


AARouteplanner is a search feature of the AA website that can calculate the time and kilometers between two points on a map. It is a service that the Automobile Association offers to anyone who resides in Great Britain, Ireland and the European Union.


It is simple and easy to use. Just Google the AARouteplanner: the website comes up. On the home page, type under Route Planner your departure and destination anywhere in Ireland, Great Britain or Europe. The information comes up with distance (in kilometers but there is a conversion feature to miles), the time it will take to complete your journey and purple highlights the route, showing all the roads and auto routes you will take to the destination.

The search engine will give the amount of time it should take to reach each point in the set of directions. The nice thing about the Route Finder is that it maps out the quickest route to your goal. There is also an alternative route options finder on the web site if you want to avoid tolls or congestion.

For example, if you want to drive from Milan to Palermo, Italy, type in your departure point and your destination; and a distance of 1117 kilometers and a time of 14 hours 24 minutes will come up. The Route Finder will suggest that if you want to avoid driving the length of Italy that you take the Napoli to Palermo ferry. Suppose you want an alternative route that avoids the ferry altogether. Click onto the add via option and type in a city or a town to your final destination. In this case, add Messina and an alternative route comes up. The distance is now 1476 km and a time of 15.5 hours.

The major search engine offers the same thing when you click on maps but it does make the assumption that the Internet searcher knows enough to put departure and destination points in the search box at the top of the page. The distance and time are exactly the same but the amount of time it takes to reach each point in the directions is written in grey font to the right, making it harder to find especially for those travelers whose vision is as sharp as it once was. There is also an alternative route finder to avoid tolls and congestion.


To the left on the page, the search engine will tell you how long it will take to get to each point before you change directions. It picks the fastest way to the end of the trip, but there is also a feature called the alternative route option if you want to avoid traffic around major cities or toll booths.

For example, suppose you are in Milan and you want to drive to Palermo, Sicily. A distance of 1117 kilometers is shown and it will take 14 hours 24 minutes. But it requires that you stop in Naples and get on the ferry to Palermo which takes approximately seven hours. If the ferry is overbooked, you want an alternative route that does not involve taking the ferry. The add via option will allow you to type an additional town or city on the way to Palermo such as Messina at the tip of Italy. The Route Planner has a new route through Messina with a distance of 1474 km and 15 hours 30 minutes in traveling time.

The major competitor offers a near identical service when you click on its maps link, but it does assume that the traveler will know to put the departure and destination locations in the search slot at the top of the page. The Automobile Association makes no such assumption and I suspect that the website has been designed for those people who have plenty of disposable income and time to travel. The other search engine does calculate time and distance between two points, offer alternative routes, and it does highlight the best routes in purple; but the time for each point in the directions has been put in a pale grey print. This is awfully hard to read.

Overall, the AARouteFinder is easier to use than the one provided by a competing search engine. The Route Planner should be easier to find on the website and the map should have all towns and cities, even those in Eastern Europe, with their names written in the Latin script, not only Cyrillic or Greek


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